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FAST GROWING Nationwide Meal Delivery Company, FlexPro Meals, ships delicious pre-packaged healthy meal entrees directly to thousands of customers in ALL 50 STATES! We cook and assemble our healthy entrees in our food manufacturing facility and ship each meal box to the consumers’ home address directly from our own fulfillment center. FlexPro Meals has grown over 200% in the last 24 months.


“I’ve been working with FlexPro Meals for 6 years seeing the company grow from several hundred customers to literally thousands. I started out scooping food and delivering meals to customers. Over time I was consistently promoted from within, all the way to the executive level. FlexPro Meals is the definition of opportunity. I was never given a handout but rather the tools, training, and tough lessons to help me evolve my professional skills and reach the peak of my abilities.”
Supply Chain Executive
“I’ve helped FlexPro Meals evolve into one of the Top Food Manufacturing and Fulfillment Facilities in the Midwest. Being a former Heinz and Quaker Company Executive, we provide Team FlexPro Employees with every resource and opportunity to help develop their professional career and skills all while taking the company to the next level. One thing I can say is if you’re willing to show up to work every day, work hard, take direction, and perform to the best of your ability, opportunity at this thriving company will come knocking.”
Operational Consultant
“I started at FlexPro chopping vegetables and washing dishes five days a week. I never missed a day of work and always worked hard when no one was watching. Today I run the Culinary Department that manufactures tens of thousands of meals every week. I am living proof that if you show up every day with a positive attitude willing to work hard, listen to outside consultants, and perform at a high level for the company, then over time, you can truly reach any career path you’re striving for.”
Culinary Executive

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