How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Are you frustrated with that stubborn, annoying back and side fat?

You know, the “love handles” as they are commonly referred to – that no matter what you seem to do, just won’t go away?

You’re definitely not alone.

This area is a common spot for fat storage, and one of the most stubborn to do away with.

It’s not possible to spot-reduce fat, but you can lower the amount of fat throughout your entire body and build up lean muscle tissue, which eventually shreds the love handles.

To do this, you must eat a high protein diet that simultaneously keeps you in a calorie deficit (which we all know is far easier said than done).

Quick tip: don’t get caught up with the idea of perfection. Focus on incremental progress and count the small wins (I.e. If you eat fast food twice a day, make it once a day).

Start off by simply watching your protein and calories, doing so will instantly increase awareness around the fuel you put in your body. Reference the chart below for a general idea of what your maintenance calories are (Basal Metabolic Rate)


Secondly, increase your water intake. Not only does this have vast health benefits, but it also will keep you full and satiated.


And the most important rule of all….

Stay consistent. For change to occur, it will take time. The chart below (from is a good representation of how consistency beats intensity, over time.

This is why you don’t want to “get too caught up in the idea of perfection”. It’s more important that you set yourself up for dietary sustainability, which in turn leads to dietary success.

When it comes to your health journey, keep in mind, it’s about one simple thing – progress.

Are you ready to say goodbye to those love handles for good? Make a change today, we know you can do it! Pick one small change that will help move the needle in the right direction, then stick to it for 30 days.


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