Name’s Custom Meal Plan

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Name’s Custom Meal Plan

Here’s a sample 1-day meal plan for a [Age]-year-old [Gender] who weighs [Current Weight] pounds, is [Height], [Activity Level], and wants to [Goal Weight]:

Meal 1 –

Bacon Cheeseburger Gnocchi Large

(630 Calories, 34g Proteins, 33g Fats, 49g Carbs)

Meal 2 –

Keto Chicken Parm Large

(440 Calories, 50g Proteins, 17g Fats, 16g Carbs)

Snack 1 –

Trail Mix

(300 Calories, 8g Proteins, 16g Fats, 30g Carbs)

Snack 2 –

Fruit Smoothie

(200 Calories, 6g Proteins, 3g Fats, 35g Carbs)

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